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It can print out a part of the results but it stopped suddenly and appeared the errno 0 and 2 which are described as an IOerror while the process of output. As you might have noticed, you were trying to strip the / from the beginning of the URL, though it was not there. However, there are other errors in your code, which mean that it does not work like a HTTP server: First of all. Quoting answer from Python file operations, when switching between reading and writing on Windows, there must be an intervening fflush, fsetpos, fseek, or rewind operation. Here is a possible fix: import re num_ words = " four. When you open a file with python, you need to specify the type of access you want ( read, write or append) :. you getting IOError because you open file and you try to do both reading and writing with the same FD( file discreptor). Mbed compile error, mbed- cli command runs well in cmd/ powershell but print error 0 in VSCode shell. Steps to Reproduce: Install Python 2 & Git; Install mbed- cli : pip install mbed- cli; Install gcc- arm. Traceback ( most recent call last) : File " < interactive input> ", line 1, in < module> IOError: [ Errno 2] No such file or directory: " C: \ \ Users\ \ QamarAli\ \ Documents\ \ afaq' s stuff\ \ myFile.

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    Python error

    txt" – Afaq Qamar Dec 24 ' 12 at 0: 42. 以下の状況と推測します。 Python IDLE はWindowsのスタートメニューなど( コマンド ライン以外) から起動している. - > 起動直後の状態はおそらく、 カレントディレクトリが Pythonのインストールディレクトリとなっています。 以下のコードで確認. 実行中に検出されたエラーは 例外 ( exception) と呼ばれ、 常に致命的とは限りません。. readline( ) i = int( s. strip( ) ) except IOError as e: print " I/ O error( { 0} ) : { 1} ". strerror) except ValueError: print " Could not convert data to an integer. I think it has to do with the terminal the process is attached to. I got this error when I run a python process in the background and closed the terminal in which I started it: $ myprogram. py Ctrl- Z $ bg $ exit. The problem was that I.

    SystemParametersInfoA( SPI_ SETDESKWALLPAPER, 0, background, 0). If you are opening the file to both read and write, you must at least rewind to the start of the file and truncate before writing: with open( ' C: \ BG\ BG.