Xml error premature end of file

' Exception in thread " main" org. XRRuntimeException: Can' t load the XML resource ( using TRaX transformer). SAXParseException: Premature end of. The File or whatever you created the InputStream from may be an empty file or string or whatever. The emptiness might be the reason. You are getting the error because the SAXBuilder is not intelligent enough to deal with " blank states". So it looks for at least an < xml. > declaration, and when that causes. my bad, the access to file was not synchronized and that looks like the cause of the exception. Thanks all for help. Java で XML- RPC の開発をしている。 動作確認は UNIX コマンドの curl で手軽に すませているのだが、 突然、 すべての curl コマンドで Premature end of file.

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    Premature error file

    という エラーが出るようになった。 [ Fatal Error] : - 1: - 1: Premature end of file. フローやパイプラインを実行すると「 XMLのパースに失敗しました: Premature end of file」 というエラーになることがあります。 これはXMLを解析するときに不正なXMLだった 場合に起こります。 例えば、 Converterコンポーネントで入力ストリームとなるXML. The issue is the inputstream is consumed before passing in transform method which resulted in Premature end of file error. Refer this for more info - org. SAXParseException: Premature end of file for * VALID* XML. > declaration, and when that is a problem with Java InputStream. When the stream is read once the file offset position counter is moved to the end of file. On the subsequent read by using the same stream you' ll get this error. So you have to close and. Two possible solutions are: Write your files to thename. part and then once done/ closed to a rename to thename.

    xml, which makes the write closer to being atomic - - the reader can' t read it until it' s surely done so long as it. xml version= " 1. 0" encoding= " UTF- 8"? > < theater> < name> rajat< / name> < address> mumbai< / address> < phone> 987654< / phone> < screen> < seats> 30< / seats> < width> 30< / width> < show> < show- time> 10 AM< / show- time> < movie>.